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Hindi Courses

Are you interested in learning Hindi? Contact me now to book a free 30 minute trial lesson online.

My hourly rate is £25 and all my students are offered: 

  • a bespoke programme of study to suit their needs

  • 1:1 lessons via Zoom or an online platform of their choice

  • the opportunity to be taught by a professionally trained language teacher, with an MA in Hindi Linguistics.

Please note that I teach two variations of Hindi.


The first - Modern Hindi - which is most popular among my students, is Hindi as it is commonly spoken in India today. This is a mix of Hindi and Urdu, in addition to some English words, which can be used when a Hindi alternative does not exist. For example, there is no Hindi translation of the English word 'internet', therefore the same word is used. 


The second is classical Hindi, which is now most commonly used in written form only such as in literature or official correspondence. Therefore, students who choose to study both spoken and written Hindi, will be taught a combination of both modern and classical Hindi. 

For more information, please find an overview of the different programmes of study available below.



You will begin by learning a range of common expressions and simple sentence constructions, which will enable you to introduce yourself, give and respond to commands, and ask and answer questions about basic personal information. 


You may also choose to master the Devanagari script (Hindi alphabet) and learn to read and write. However, either way, as you progress, you will develop a good command of a range of tenses. This will enable you to understand and communicate in ordinary day-to-day situations, relating to topics such as family, shopping and travel.  



You will develop your Hindi to understand and discuss a variety of common themes that arise at home, in the workplace and in your free time, as well as describing past events, your feelings in the present and plans for the future. 


You will learn to be comfortable in navigating common scenarios arising when traveling in India and be confident in expressing your opinion and debating with growing fluency with local Hindi speakers. 


You will also progress from reading and re-telling short stories, to reading more complex articles and producing detailed written pieces on a wide range of topics, including those relating to your field of work.  



You will learn to speak with greater fluency and freedom, allowing you to use your Hindi effectively to suit your social, academic and professional needs.


You will continue to develop your vocabulary by developing your understanding of challenging, longer texts and will be able to produce clear, well-structured written pieces for a variety of audiences. 

India is, the cradle of the human race, the birthplace of human speech, the mother of history, the grandmother of legend, and the great grand mother of tradition.


Mark Twain

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