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About Babita's School of Hindi

Babita Craig taught Hindi as a foreign and second language for nine years at India's oldest language institution: Landour Language School, Mussoorie. Prior to this, she obtained an MA in Hindi from Garhwal University in Uttarakhand, India. 

In 2019, Babita relocated to the UK and established Babita's School of Hindi. Her students come from a range of backgrounds, from journalism, academia and the diplomatic service, to those planning a period of travel and having Indian family or friends.

Since the pandemic, her business has moved almost entirely online, and she now teaches clients within the UK, Europe and from further afield such as the USA and Canada. 

Babita Craig

BA MA (Hindi)

"Although India is home to a multitude of languages, being able to communicate in Hindi will make many parts of the country more than just another destination on the map."
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